"Keep It Comin' was my commercial debut single. I produced the beat in a few minutes with a Kurtis Blow sample, wrote the song in 10 minutes and instantly knew the record was special. The amazing guitar riff with a bouncy hip-hop element, the record was now ready to record. 


I contacted Eric Mosher, who is also a Vancouver based audio engineer/producer who has worked with several artists from Justin Bieber to AC-DC. Me and him got together in the studio to bring the song to life as I added my vocals and finalized the record. The song was released a few weeks later on March 22nd on all platforms. 


One week into the release the song hit the iTunes charts on Apple Music...and I was like whoa! It ended up peaking at #27 in Canada and #93 in the US. I was a completely independent artist at the time and it was my first single so I was very, very grateful."


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