Behind The Music

DURO Ft. Balam Kiel


"Before DURO ever existed, it was just a beat that I made and it was sitting among the hundreds of others in the vault until my manager came across it and instantly knew it was something special. We both decided then and there that we were going to pursue turning this beat into a full-fledged track worthy of being a stand-alone single. 

It has a latin/reggaetone type of vibe so I began looking for a latin artist to feature on the track. After about two months of trying to find that artist, no one really fit the mold until we came across Balam Kiel one day while scrolling on Instagram. Upon hearing some of Balam's music I immediately reached out and after some false-starts they finally met at a local studio to record what later would become “DURO” which translates to "GO HARD" in English."


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